Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for re-opening of Gokuldham High School & Junior College

1. Are schools conducting regular eight-hour classes as they reopen?
Only one batch - thrice a week. Time table will be made available in advance. This time table is subject to change depending upon actual number of students attending school.

2. What will be the Frequency of batches?
Depending upon the number of students opted for actual school.

3. What will be the precautions taken for student safety? How are schools ensuring physical distancing is followed within classrooms?
One student per bench in classroom in criss-cross manner. Students will not be allowed to move in groups. Enough space has been created between the desk of the student. Thermal check at the entry gate. Compulsory mask.

4. What will be the duration of classes?
Thirty minutes per lecture. Four subjects per day. ( Off line )

5. What is the vaccination status of teachers and staff?
First dose - 100 % and Second done in progress.

6. Will bus service be available? What will be the Bus fees?
We would recommend use of school Bus service as safety will be ensured.
Fees to be paid quarterly.
Approx less than 3 kms - Rs.750/- p.m.
Between 3kms to 7 kms - Rs. 1000/- p.m.
Beyond 7 kms - Rs.1250/- p.m.

7. Does this mean online classes will be discontinued?
Online and offline classes will be held on alternate days.

8. What is allowed within school premises?
Only folder comprising of few writing sheets, writing materials, water bottle, spare mask and sanitizer. No text books to be carried. No P.E. group activities.

9. What are the generic precautions to be followed while attending school?
Stop hand shaking, avoid touching face, cover mouth during cough and sneezing, often use of sanitizer. Students having fever, cold and cough should not attend school.

10. Will there be a lunch break?

11.What are the covid protocols in place?
Adequate clean and separate toilets for girls and boys. We have an Infirmary to take care of students. Pedal dust bin in each classroom. Cleaning and fogging will be done after classes. Provision of Hand Sanitizer. Markings on the stairs and floor to maintain distance. Posters displayed in strategic locations to sensitise students. Thermal scan of every person entering school premises.

12. Do children have to carry a school bag?
Only folder comprising of few writing sheets, writing materials, water bottle, spare mask and sanitizer. No text books to be carried. No P.E. group activities.

13. Will the students have sports activities?
Group activities will not be conducted.

14. How will you monitor the movement of students?
Ancillary staff will be present on every floor in strategic location.

15. Do students have to carry drinking water?

16. Will Thursday tests be conducted online or in a physical classroom?
Will be conducted online.

17. Will students have to wear school uniform compulsorily?
Yes. They can even wear P.E. uniform.

18. Will students be allowed to wear P.E uniform?

19. Students do not have school ID card, will they be issued one when starting physical school?
Students can wear a temporary I-Card which will be stamped by the school.

20. How will school handle emergencies?
First aid will be given in the Infirmary and if necessary parents will be immediately conveyed. If required, will be taken to Gokuldham Medical Centre(GMC) which are in 1 km radius of the school.

21. Will visitors be allowed during school hours?
Will be avoided.

22. How will the dispersal be of students?
Use of multiple exit gates for dispersal with proper social distancing and staggered timings.

23. Which area in the school will be set aside for Isolation?
Separate areas / rooms have been ear-marked as Isolation Rooms in different foyers.

24. What is the vaccination status of teachers and staff?
First dose - 100 % and Second done in progress.

General FAQ's

1. How do I apply for Online Admission ?
To apply for Online Admissions, kindly visit the Admission page and proceed to apply.

2. How do I apply for a job or how do I know whether there are job vacancies?
You can visit the respective school website where you will find the job vacancies in the careers portal.

3. Whom shall I contact for school related queries?
The school wise contacts are given below :
1. Gokuldham High School & Junior College
022 40278296
2. Yashodham High School
022 40278201
3. Yashodham High School & Junior College
022 21714444
4. Lakshdham High School
022 40822444
5. Thane Police School
022 25424621
6. Playmate Pre School Goregaon
022 40278272
7. Lakshdham Playmate Pre School
022 40278272
8. Vasant Vihar Playmate Pre School
022 40278272
9. GAET Counselling Center
022 4027 8201

4. What is the eligibility criteria for admission?
Log on to the respective school website and check for eligibility criteria under the admission page.

5. Do the schools provide transport facilities to students?
Yes, the schools provide excellent transport facilities to its students.

6. Which curriculum is followed in GAET schools?
Vasant Vihar High School - ICSE (A.Y 2021-22 for Grades 1-9)
Lakshdham High School - ICSE
Gokuldham High School & Junior College - ICSE & ISC
Yashodham High School & Junior College - State Board
Thane Police School - State Board

7. Are Junior Colleges available in GAET schools?
Yes, Gokuldham High School & Junior College - ISC
Yashodham High School & Junior College - HSC

8. What precautionary measures are you following during the global pandemic?
All SOP guidelines issued by the Government are being strictly followed in our institutions.

9. Are the schools under CCTV surveillance?
Yes all the school premises are under CCTV surveillance.
It is monitored on a regular basis.

10. Is the School bus transport system run by the school or outsourced to some other agency?
The School bus transport system is officially owned and run by Lakshdham High School and authorised by the Government.

11. What is your visitation policy?
With prior appointment, parents can visit the school. Currently, we are limiting visitors in our schools.

12. What kind of parent involvement do you have at the school?
Under normal circumstances, our doors are always open to parents, and throughout the year parents have the opportunity to contact us or take an appointment to talk to the Principal. We also offer different opportunities for parent involvement throughout the year

13. What are you doing to protect the health and safety of the children in your care during the global pandemic?
We currently are not allowing parents or visitors inside the school building. S.O.P Guidelines have been prepared for the students and staff which will be followed once schools reopen.

14. What if my child gets sick while at school? What are the medical facilities available in the school for any medical emergency?
Kindly refer the Safety Section to read the details.

15. Do you have cameras in the classrooms so that I can see my child throughout the day?
All our schools have cameras in their gathering zones but not in classrooms.They are constantly monitored throughout the day and recordings are kept by our IT department.

16. Can the sports teachers give coaching to student/s on a holiday?
Coaching facility is available. You may contact the respective school office to get details regarding coaching classes.

17. Is the transport system run by the school or outsourced to some other agencies?
Yes, the School bus transport system is officially owned by Lakshdham High School and authorized by the Government.

18. Are drivers and conductors put to Alcohol-meter test?
Absolutely yes, a daily routine test for Alcohol/Drug is done when the drivers and conductors arrive in the school premises.

19. Are students of the school allowed to carry mobile phones or other electronic devices?
Before the pandemic the students were not allowed to carry mobile phones/tabs or any other electronic gadgets but after the introduction of digital education we're planning to provide digital platform in order to improvise the concept of learning.

20. How often is CCTV network monitored?
The CCTV network of every school is monitored on regular intervals by respective school Engineers.

21. Which platform does the institution use for Online Education? How far is it reliable? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
GAET has provided all its schools the provision of GSuite for Education, now called as Google Workspace which has excellent features that are promising to sync with the real world Education system.

22. What if the student forgets the password for the Google Workspace Account?
The GAET IT administrator has allowed users to set up recovery phone numbers. If the users follow this method, they need not ask for password reset in future even while using individual domain email IDs.